EAW Anion Atomizer Set (inclusive of 4x 500ml Refill Bottles)

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Our latest model of advanced EAW Anion Atomizer. Ultra-fine mist spreads and covers flat and rough surfaces evenly without over-wetting. 

Electrostatic function fully wraps around dirty items and forms a coating with EAW for thorough sanitization.

Infra-red sensor activation for small objects and frequent hand-cleaning.

EAW is 100% natural and suitable for fogging. Suitable for sensitive skin, children and pets.

The set comes with 4x 500ml Refill Bottles.

*Please DO NOT use with alcohol, bleach or other chemical solutions.


Product's Certifications

US Environmental Protection Agency ("EPA") List N (Disinfectant for COVID-19)

HKSAR-FEHD  - approved bactericidal agent in food business

Hong Kong Organic Resource Centre Certification Limited - 100% Natural & Biodegradable