About us

We are a company under GreenWalls Group, which is a Hong Kong based corporation and contractor focusing on development and application of bio-engineering technologies and Nano-engineering technologies.

Having collaborated with global scientists and engineers, GreenWalls Group has developed its own unique advanced technologies and systems since 1998.

EAW Eco-friendly Sanitizer ("EAW") is one of the products manufactured with GreenWalls Group's unique advanced bio-engineering and Nano-engineering technologies.

One of the well-known construction projects in Hong Kong Zero Carbon Park "零碳天地" adopted and was built with GreenWalls Group’s advanced greening technology, solar-technology (環保自潔太陽能版), nano-technology (長效耐磨光電觸媒消毒殺菌技術) and bio-technology (EAW Eco-friendly Sanitizer).

Now, we EAW (Hong Kong) Limited would like to serve the public with GreenWalls Group’s advanced technologies under the COVID-19 pandemic and to fight the virus together with Hong Kong.